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  • Preparing For the Improbable

    I got to thinking about this the week before Christmas when temperatures here in Alabama hit a record low of eight degrees Fahrenheit one night. The next night was only twelve! We’ve been here for about fifteen years and the coldest it has ever been was fourteen degrees. How do you prepare for something that […]

  • Why We Chose Plymouth Barred Rock Chickens

    We decided a while back that we wanted chickens and we began doing research. There are tons of varieties that can be broken down into categories. Those categories are egg layers, meat birds, and dual purpose. Dual purpose breeds are great for producing eggs and they’re a larger breed suitable for meat production. In addition […]

  • Start Small With Your Homestead

    The last thing you want to do is to start off with a lot on your homestead. This isn’t going to do anything except overwhelm you and you will fail. Set small manageable goals. Do you have a garden? If not, that’s a great place to start! We started by going mostly off-grid. About 80% […]

  • Choosing the Right Place for Your Homestead

    Before you start homesteading you have to look at where you live. Most places will allow you to have a garden, even container gardens are great! However, many don’t allow farm animals if you’re in an urban area or someplace that has an HOA (Home Owner’s Association). So before you do anything where you are, […]