About Sunshine Homestead

Dawn of Sunshine Homestead

My name is Dawn and I am the wife, mama, writer, and planner here at Sunshine Homestead. I am responsible for researching new animals, gardening methods, plants, and anything else we need around here.

I am also in charge of educating our three children, since we homeschool, and decorating. So occasionally I will show off things I’ve made for our family and home. I love simple farmhouse decor, like you would find during the 1920s.

My husband, Robert, is in charge of keeping it all running smoothly and problem-solving when needed. He builds the enclosures, sheds, and anything else we need.

Our children are fifteen, eight, and five years old. On top of schoolwork, our teenager is in charge of making sure our critters are well cared for, his room is clean, and the trash has been taken out. Our eight year old assists as much as possible. Our five year old is like his daddy, so he stays busy helping fix enclosures, feeding animals, and just generally helping where he’s able.